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These are local companies, organisations and individuals that my Web Design company, Intercreative, has built websites for, or provided web design services to.

Alyth Therapies is owned and run by Liz Jenkins. Liz is a complementary therapist with 12 years experience, offering Clinical Aromatherapy and Kinesiology consultations.

Aerial Roots, commissioned by the Scottish Screen Archive Live Award, Su Grierson, artist and member of a Perthshire farming family, combed the film Archive to find footage of traditional farming techniques and responded by creating new video, images and recordings of contemporary farming practice.

Arborantics, a local multi-talented traditional crafts company, working mostly with wood.

Frances Law, the website of a talented local artist.

Su Grierson, another talented Perthshire artist.

Intercreative, my web-design company.

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